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Our partners


Léguriviera is an SME in the canton of Vaud which has existed for 20 years and employs more than 200 people From your favorite restaurant to multinational kitchens, Léguriviera distributes fruits, vegetables and herbs to hundreds of restaurateurs every day

- Discovery of fruit and vegetable distribution systems
- Understanding of the importance of the origin of products in catering
- Discovery of products and seasons

Lucha Libre

It has been embellishing our Place de l'Ours in Lausanne since 2019, the Lucha Libre bar restaurant is an invitation to travel through the gastronomy and culture of Latin America. Come and discover the world of catering and service.

- Behind the scenes of a catering service
- Understanding of the different roles within a restaurant
- Understanding of the different costs within a restaurant


Wepot is an ecological start-up that supports sustainable and responsible agriculture by changing our relationship with water! By offering their "Ollas", as aesthetically beautiful as they are useful, Wepot allows us to irrigate our plants less often, more easily and by saving up to 70% of water.

- Discovery of an ancestral and ecological method of irrigation
- Understanding of how an Olla works and its benefits
- Confection of an Olla


Siradis is an E-commerce company, specializing in the distribution of healthy and tasty snacks with nearly 5 years of activity on their counter and nearly 100 brands distributed. Siradis was founded by 4 friends sharing two common passions: entrepreneurship and the discovery of new flavors.

Chef Tosca

Tosca Olivi discovered her passion for cooking as soon as she entered the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne. When she comes out in 2020, she launches her culinary blog Chef Tosca and co-founded Nucheese (vegetable cheese). She wears two hats: that of creator of vegan recipes and that of content creator. Discover the world of vegan cuisine.

- Discovery of vegan and plant-based cuisine
- Discovery of products that replace meat in the vegan diet
- Implementation with recipe design


Peacock is a start-up located at EPFL's Innovation Park specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Since 2016, PEACOCK has been responding to the needs of its clients with a unique business model: working with students.

- Discovery of Artificial Intelligence
- Understanding of machine learning, Machine Learning
- Fun games focused on learning these concepts

Philippe K

Philippe K Philippe Kumara Cart is both an entrepreneur, Artistic Director and perfume expert. After having cut his teeth in the French luxury group LVMH for 8 years, he returned to Lausanne, his city of heart, to set up there in 2015, the first Haute Parfumerie in Lausanne: Philippe K.

- Discovery of the sense of smell
- Discovery of the profession of "nose"
- Understanding and learning the vocabulary related to the description of odors


Agropôle is an exceptional center dedicated to implementing the sustainable food of tomorrow. This campus combines industries, service providers and innovators. All together, they participate in the implementation of the sustainable solutions of tomorrow.

- Visit of a campus of innovations in sustainable agriculture
- Understanding of the importance of sustainable agriculture
- Discovery of different methods related to sustainable agriculture

The watering can

The watering can is very young in Lausanne since it opened its doors in July 2021. The owner and manager Hélène Ryter has made it a must in downtown Lausanne. The latter has put as much effort into the decoration as in the kitchen of her restaurant in order to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

- Behind the scenes of a catering service
- Understanding of the different roles within a restaurant
- Understanding of the different costs within a restaurant

Flash Design

Flash Design is a web marketing agency specializing in digital marketing and composed of experts in website creation, graphics and SEO.

- Discovery of 3 concepts: web design, graphics and SEO
- Fun games focused on learning and understanding these concepts
- Understanding of the importance of digital literacy today

3 small dots

The 3 small points workshop is a sewing workshop and a meeting place and creativity. It is made up of teaching experts. There is only one watchword on site: sewing in the service of creativity.

- Discovery of sewing
- Understanding of the basics of sewing
- Implementation with the design of personalized objects