Chef Tosca - The watering can


Become a cook, head chef and head waiter for an afternoon with L'arrosoir and Chef Tosca! Come and take a look behind the scenes at the restaurant L'arrosoir in the heart of Lausanne and learn the basics of vegan and plant-based cuisine with Chef Tosca! Don't wait any longer and reserve a date to participate in this workshop 

In this workshop: 
Discover the world of catering with the manager and founder of the watering can restaurant in Lausanne as well as the renowned Chef Tosca, games on the themes of the workshop, snack and facilitator included, souvenir gifts.
Age category:Teens: 12 - 15 years old; Seniors 15 +

Theme: Kitchen and Catering

Place :  Rue Centrale 23, 1003 Lausanne

Dates to be defined