Introduire les jeunes au monde professionnel :

Ideally located in the canton of Vaud, close to more than a hundred schools, Oîdalis supports young people in their search for experience and information about the professional world.

Oîdalis is divided into 2 main activities:

The fusion of workshops (Oîda) and events (Alis) result in Oîdalis, a network of professionals united by the ambition to pass on to the younger generation.

Our adventure:

« What are you going to do when you grow up? » The answer to this question can vary greatly depending on the age at which you are asked.

Do you remember what you wanted to do when you were 7 years old? Plutôt astronautes ou pilote ? Maître(sse) ou vétérinaire ? Peut-être grand(e) cuisinier(ière) ou le/la meilleur(e) des pompiers ? Et parfois un jour différent de la semaine pour se rêver dans chacun de ces corps de métier.

Then comes the time to make a choice, but which path to follow when so many are possible? How can we choose so early something important that will follow us until so late in life?

At Oîdalis, we believe that this decision is one of the most important choices we are led to make in life. Like the cake that can be precisely described on a menu, but is only truly appreciated at the first bite, passions must be tasted in order to truly reveal themselves.

We have therefore gathered for you people who are passionate about their profession and who are eager to share their passion. We accompany them in order to create educational, fun and entertaining content so that you can effectively discover the challenges of their activity and perhaps reveal hidden vocations. We help you develop your network and discover the path to your dreams too quickly abandoned.

Whether it is during one of our workshops or events, in companies or directly in schools, to share your passion or to research it, we create the environment allowing you to focus on discovery and curiosity.

At Oîdalis, we all speak only one language, that of the passionate.

Our stories in a few dates:

Summer 2014 :

Birth of the original idea under the name "Aura project".

2014-2020 :

Development of the "Aura" concept by the founder through his studies, experiences and encounters in the educational and entrepreneurial world. 

February 2016 :

Meeting of Romain and Valentin and birth of a strong friendship at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne.

January 2017 :

Foundation of a new student committee. Romain wishes to test the concept of Aura with the students. He wants to facilitate exchanges between them on their internship experiences and Valentin sets up the adapted event format.

August-December 2020:

Proof check of the concept by confronting it to experienced education professionals. 

October 2020 :

Oîda and Alis are born and lay the first foundations of the Oîdalis network. 

January 7, 2021:

Aura becomes Oîdalis Sàrl. Valentin, who gravitates around the project for a few months, officially joins the adventure. 

January 20th, 2021 :

Oîdalis is revealed to the public via the publication of its brand new website.

20 Mars 2021 :

Premier partenaire et membre du réseau Oîdalis.

What do our logos mean?

The O of Oida is the representation of knowledge, which like the wind has no limit and like the waves is of extraordinary strength.


Alis' wings represent the opportunity of independence and freedom offered by knowledge. With our events we wish to offer wings to all those who want to embark on the great adventure that is life.


The tree of Oîdalis is wisdom and longevity, transmission and connection. We are rooting ourselves in localities to create together the fruits of passion.

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A wing


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